International Forum

Yaroslavl, April 17-19, 2013

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To the organizers, participants and
guests of the International Forum
“Eurasian Educational Dialogue”


Dear ladies and gentlemen!


I’m glad to welcome you at the International Forum “Eurasian Educational Dialogue”.

Nowadays education is the most important factor of socioeconomic development, which establishes high requirements to the system of education, demands its readiness to face new challenges of time.

Modernization of Russian education in the modern period is shaped through goals of socioeconomic development of our country till the year 2020. Nowadays the strategy of Russian education is being actively elaborated. It seems to be really important to comprehend the Russian education development prospects in international context since integration and international co-operation become an indispensable prerequisite to the efficient development of national education systems.

The fact that representatives from more than 20 countries and also more than 40 constituent territories of the Russian Federation will participate in the Forum emphasizes the importance of questions brought up for discussion. The issues of trends in legislative control in sphere of education, improving efficiency of mathematical education, and also development trends for the system of professional education and training of pedagogical staff are of particular interest.

There is important and interesting work ahead of you. I have no doubts that its results will be specific proposals and initiatives which will be essential for modernization of education in Russia.

I wish the participants and guests of the International Forum fruitful work, constructive dialogue and cooperation, new mutually beneficial contacts and acquaintances.

Mr. Dmitry V. Livanov,
Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
Yaroslavl welcomes its guests!
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