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Yaroslavl, April 17-19, 2013

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To the participants of the 16th Russian students’ scientific conference “Discovery”
and International forum “Eurasian educational dialogue”


Dear friends!

It is already the 16th time when young researchers from all around Russia gather in Yaroslavl in order to share results of their experiments and scientific investigations. These are the young people for whom the limits of school curriculum are too narrow, who seek to reveal an unsettled scientific problem and to find its solution. “The Clever and Talented” demonstrate new potentials of modern teenagers and shape guidelines for modern education development.

It is no coincidence that in 2013 the conference is held within the framework of the International forum, which has gathered scientists and teachers from foreign countries and all around Russia in order to discuss modern strategy for education development.

It is wonderful that not only adults who determine educational policy, but also pupils will participate in the International forum as equal-right contributors to the modernization of education.

With all my heart I wish both the children and the adults fruitful work at the forum and the conference, every success in studying, new discoveries and ideas which will make education in Russia the real school of the future.

School of International Journalism,
Moscow State Institute of International Relations,
The Head of Department of World Literature and Culture,
The director of television broadcast “The Clever and Talented”         Yuri P.Vyazemsky

Yaroslavl welcomes its guests!
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