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Yaroslavl, April 17-19, 2013

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To the participants of the 16th Russian students’ scientific conference “Discovery” and International forum “Eurasian Educational dialogue”


Dear friends!


On behalf of the Russian Academy of Sciences, I’d like to congratulate you on the opening of the International forum “Eurasian Educational Dialogue” and the Russian students’ scientific conference “Discovery”, which has already become traditional.

Young researchers’ interest in the given event has been growing steadily year after year. About 50 regions of the Russian Federation and several foreign states are represented this year in Yaroslavl, which proves the fact that modern students strive for knowledge and scientific experiments, longing to contribute to the development of science. It is really important for the fact that the greatest deal of scientific discoveries, as we know, is made exactly by young people. Thus your first steps in scientific sphere mean a lot to the future. You, the young, the persistent, the talented, seeking truth, can contribute to almost all fields of knowledge.

It’s worth mentioning, that along with the participants of traditional Russian student’s scientific conference, leading Russian and European scientists and experts have assembled in Yaroslavl in order to discuss priorities of education development in Eurasian region.

I strongly believe that the Educational Forum, held in Yaroslavl, one of the oldest cities in Russia, will lay foundation for further development of modern education and science.

I wish you every success, good luck, and well-being!



The President
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

                                                                                                 Yury. S. Osipov

Yaroslavl welcomes its guests!
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